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Todd Lubar; Creating Homeowners

When the housing crisis hit, the state of Maryland opted to make some regulatory changes which helped to make their housing market more consumer-friendly. As a result of these changes, the state witnessed a lower foreclosure rate than the rest of the country. Todd Lubar found that there was a portion of the population that was underserved in the housing market, and has focused his attention on helping those that would typically be turned away by other lenders become homeowners, even through the crisis.

Todd originally went to school for speech communications and didn’t get his start in real estate until after graduating from Syracuse University. According to his Linked In page, he took care early on in his career to connect with insurance and real estate agents, Accountants, anyone that could help him learn more and hone his skills in the industry.

He also went on to gain significant experience in lending when he accepted a position with Legacy Financial Group. In this position, he worked to broker loans and lend directly, similar to a bank.

Todd later took the vast knowledge he had gained from his previous positions and formed his residential development company, Legendary Properties. The company’s main focus is flipping residential properties or buying a property, restoring and rehabilitating it, and then selling it for a profit. More info on

It wasn’t until more than a decade in the industry that he created Legendary Financial, an affiliate of Legendary Properties.

Yelp describes Todd Lubar as a person who has processed thousands of real estate transactions throughout his career, using his financial and real estate experience to bring people to their dream homes.

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