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The Role Played by Mike Baur in Developing the Swiss Startup Ecosystem

Mike Baur has played a huge role in revolutionizing the startup space in Switzerland. Through the Swiss Startup Factory, numerous technology entrepreneurs have gained skills and networks to propel them into the next level of business. Under Mike Baur’s able leadership, the Swiss Startup Factory has grown into the top privately-held and independently financed ICT startup accelerators in Switzerland.


Before joining the startup world, Mike Baur had spent more than two decades of his life in the private banking sector. During this duration, he served various banking institutions such as UBS where he was a commercial apprentice. Mike also worked for other top private banking institutions in Switzerland such as Clariden. Mike’s entrepreneurial journey took shape in 2014, whereby he joined forces with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister to establish the Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF).


Accomplishments of Mike Baur


Since joining the startup sector, Mike Baur has significantly been involved in numerous startup activities around Switzerland. In fact, at one time he served as a member of the jury during the START Summiteer, which is the University of St Gallen’s start-up pitching competition. In Early 2016, Baur spearheaded the Swiss Startup Factory through an accelerator program with Goldbach Group.


Over the years, Mike Baur has led SSUF into several partnerships with other companies in the startup sector. In January 2016, CTI, a premier financing platform for startups in Switzerland, joined forces with SSUF. The partnership was geared towards developing further the Swiss Startup ecosystem. Mike Baur was named deputy managing director of CTI Invest while Jean-Pierre Vuilleumier was appointed as the managing partner of SSUF.


Aside from his work at the Swiss Start Factory, Mike Baur devotes a significant portion of his time to the Swiss youth entrepreneurship. He also mentors and funds numerous Swiss startups. Mike serves as the director and co-founder of the Swiss Startup Association. Additionally, he is an accomplished alumnus of the University of Rochester in New York where he received his MBA.


Swiss Startup Factory


SSUF is a leading startup accelerator in Switzerland. The company’s mission is to grow a startup’s idea to a business in three months. The company launched, which is a collection of interviews with founders of startups both in Switzerland and around the world. The web platform was realized through the joint effort of Diplomero, CTI Invest and Through , SSUF has made the experiences and motivations of startup founders accessible to all, especially the young entrepreneurs.