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The Best of the Best in Cinematic Entertainment Chosen By Roberto Santiago

A lot of people love going to the movies. There is a lot to enjoy at the movies. From the big screen to the state of the art sound system, going to the movies is an experience that people should at least get to experience. However, movie theaters are not without their disadvantages. For one thing, there is a limit to the types of food that one could enjoy at a theater. A lot of theaters limit their selections to hot dogs, popcorn and nachos. Therefore, a lot of people tend to eat something before or after they go to the theater in order to save money.

There have been a lot of efforts made in order to bring a change to the way movie theaters are run. At Manaira Shopping, Roberto Santiago has decided to make sure that the theater is a luxury theater. Therefore, people who go to the movies are not only treated for a huge screen with the highest quality sound, but extra steps have been taken in order to make sure that the customers visiting the theater are comfortable. The menu has also been expanded to offer full meals for people to enjoy while the show is going.

When people go to the movie theater at Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall, it is like they get another food court. This is a great advantage because it brings forth a greater level of enjoyment. It is almost like watching a movie at home for people that have a sound system with multiple speakers. Read more on

When it comes to going to the movie theaters, the times are becoming like the older days when people rush to the movies to catch a movie in the premium formats. For instance, in the older eras of cinema, there were 70MM presentations. The screen was bigger and the sound was more powerful. Now, each movie theater chain has its own premium format. There is also IMAX. However, Manaira Shopping’s Cinepolis is really good about encouraging people to go to the largest screen possible in order to enjoy the event films that are being released in the most immersive format.