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Richard Mishaan Design’s Unique Take on Decorating

For years Richard Mishaan Design has been establishing themselves as something of a game changer within the interior design world of New York City. Richard Mishaan Design blends a unique take on high end interior design work with the simplicity of a minimalist and modern approach. Richard Mishaan is as candid as you could hope out of a busy professional and getting inside of his thoughts and concepts is a fun way to take a closer look at an industry notoriously closed off to the public.


Richard Mishaan Design approaches each client with the aspect of bringing them something unique and tasteful. Mishaan himself loves to work with high end clients but he doesn’t like to get caught up in high end prices. Mishaan says, “I don’t like it when someone walks away from something because it’s not expensive enough.” Mishaan goes on to point out that the most important aspect to success in terms of interior design work is about having an ‘eye’, so to speak. Mishaan points out that he’s been working with the same sofas in his own home for the past 20+ years. Mishaan points to quality more than anything when he works on a project. You can see some of the best Richard Mishaan Design work within his newest publication, “Artfully Modern”.


Richard Mishaan Design’s focus is on mixing minimalism and modernism. Mishaan loves to blend styles and fabrics in order to get a unique and fresh take. He loves, in particularly, to mix different eras. That is why you can walk into a Mishaan room and see pieces from 50 years ago combined with pieces that were made last week. Mishaan has long been revered as one of the most unique designers in the city and it is easy to see why he continues to have success.