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Mike Heiligenstein’s Opinion on how to handle Traffic in Austin

Mike Heiligenstein is an administrator who formerly served the Williamson County as its county commissioner. He has been serving the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority as its executive director since 2013. Mike Heiligenstein was also appointed as an official member of the Forbes Technology Council early this year.

On September 2015, he wrote an article on the American-Statesman to give his opinion on the congestion that was being caused by the population increase in Austin. According to him, it is necessary for people to develop improved technology that can assist in controlling the traffic congestion in the area. Learn more about Mike Heiligenstein:

Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority is one of the firms that have been striving to establish a better road network that can ease mobility of motorists in the region. The company has also bettered the footpaths and cycling lanes of the roads that it has established.

Heiligenstein said that CTRMA currently operates in Williamson and Travis counties. It has been utilizing state-of-the-art technology in constructing roads that are modern and can manage the traffic flow in the area. The company developed a road that crosses through Leander and Cedar Park, and it is known as the 183A toll road.

The highway has sufficient space to accommodate different travelers, and therefore, it can manage the population that is steadily rising in the region. Another major way that was constructed by the Mobility Authority is the U.S. 290 toll road, and it passes through Manor and Austin.

CTRMA has also developed the MoPac Express Lanes, which is are modern ways that have been equipped with innovative automated technology. The highway manages traffic flow efficiently and makes sure that the Express Lane moves swiftly even during times when the other lanes are congested.

The creative technologies that have been installed by CTRMA on the highways include fiber lines that automatically sense the movement of vehicles on wrong lanes.

The Mobility Authority has ensured the success of its undertakings by working with various companies. Mike believes that breakdowns are some of the factors that cause congestion on the roads. CTRMA and the Capital Area Metropolitan Planning Organization have worked together to establish an excellent Highway Emergency Response Operator (HERO) that can assist motorists whose vehicles break down on busy highways.

It has also been working with a carpooling service called Carma to advise the community to share rides. Another major partnership of CTRMA is with Metropolia whereby the two have developed an app that works with the traffic motoring network to guide motorist in the best routes to use.

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