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Leader and Entrepreneur- Mike Baur

Mike Baur is one of the prominent investors and entrepreneur and he is well described as a Swiss entrepreneur. Mr. Mike is the co-founder of and the Chairman of Swiss Factory Start-up Factory. From a young age; Baur knew what he wanted and after his graduation, he was lucky enough to serve in top banks where he gained financial experience. Some of the banks he worked for include; Clariden Deu as well as UBS. After working for more than 20 years in different financial institutions he wanted to establish his investment firm. However, before he began his start-up factory; Mike Baur was involved in participating in a Start-up summiteer as a jury member. The start summiteer was held in 2014.

Later after his participation he together with his co-partners established Swiss Start-up Factory. Before long the go getter; Mike Baur was appointed the Deputy Managing Director of CTI after Swiss Factory partnered with CTI. Mike Baur is determined and he has been working effortlessly to led his firm; Swiss Start-up Factory through their accelerator program. The group later partnered with Fintech Fusion in February 2016. When Mike and his partners establish Swiss Factory they had one mission and purpose to offer the young people who are talented and are aspiring entrepreneurs from Switzerland with a top expert implementation platforms.

The Firm has been in the forefront of assisting the young and talented individuals to achieve their goals by guiding them through a business dedicated process. Mike Baur is the leader of the group; he was born and raised in Fribourg, Switzerland which he has a strong connection. As a teenager, he had a passion in banking as well as finance. He is not only proud that he has made his love his career but through his passion, he has been able to assist others to accomplish their goals. Mike is a graduate of the University of Rochester, New York where he graduated with MBA as well as the University of Bern with Executive MBA. The 42 years old financier and banker spend most of his time at Swiss Start-up Factory which has been listed as the leading ICT Start-up accelerator in Switzerland. The firm works in accelerator program which offers start-ups with finance, office space, mentorship, training, as well as services. To be part of the Start-up; individuals are supposed to apply to be part of the Swiss Start-up factory team and meet with like-minded individuals.