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Kim Dao Meets Gugadan and a Korean Masterchef

Kim Dao was sad during her last day in Korea because she had a lot of fun going on the career tours. Kim Dao and her team had a food tour at Lateliers Tous les Jours. Kim Dao and team ate lunch at Bibigo. They had pancakes and green beans with a cream tomato sauce, and some egg plant. After lunch, the group went for a  cooking class  demonstration to learn to make Korean food. The chef started with some red meat, and he soaked it in some soy sauce. The chef chopped up some garlic, green onions, and egg plant. They were heated in fish stock over a fire. The meat was shredded and also cooked, along with something that looked like sliced carrots. After the demonstration, it was the team’s turn to cook. At the end of the cooking class, the class tasted what each team member made. Kim Dao’s food was good but a little cold. Learn more:


The next event was in a hotel where the team met Gugaden. Gugaden was a male, black pop artist, who sang and played an instrument that looked a little like guitar but had a keyboard. Kim Dao and the girls sat a long table, made arm movements, and sang Gugaden’s songs.


After meeting Gugaden, the girls took turns playing charades. The charades looked like body dance movements. The girls even let Gugaden take part in the game. One person would do a body gesture, and another seemed to respond to that.