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Hussain Sajwani wants children to be clothed across the world.

A distinguished real estate developer in Dubai, is Hussein Sajwani. He and cherished family are extremely good friends with Donald Trump, the current President of the United States of America. Mr. Trump is notorious for having opened up his corporation’s services to the affluent businessmen throughout Dubai. Trump’s wife Ivanka, is known to have stayed at the residence of Hussein Sajwani and Ivanka is also incredibly close friends with the wife of Mr. Sajwani.


Hussein Sajwani as well as his esteemed family, were in attendance at the New Year’s Eve party, sponsored by Mr. Trump. Mr. Sajwani has fervent wishes to amplify his business enterprises with Mr. Trump’s conglomerates, specifically the real estate institute, the Trump Organization.


Hussein Sajwani, together with Mr. Trump, labored on one of several, of Mr. Trump’s business venture locations to raise the price of lavish style villas, to almost $2 billion in proceeds.


Mr. Trump admits, that he declines to establish any new trade ventures while President of the United States. On the other hand, Hussein Sajwani admits that his link to the Trump dynasty is not exclusively as a property investor, but also to Trump’s family. That it is indeed, their guidance in the enterprises that will generate development and safeguard the business bond between Mr. Sajwani and the Trump dynasty.

The Chairman of DAMAC Properties is Hussein Sajwani, and he is notorious for being a benign man. He recently contributed $2 million to be of assistance and provide clothing for almost 50,000 children worldwide.


DAMAC is well-known as the most far-reaching lavish property developers in the Middle East. Hussein Sajwani ‘s latest donation was to show support for the government of Dubai and assist children who are in need, worldwide.


Mr. Hussein Sajwani accepts that the youth of the world are indeed the very future of society and they have need of a proper experience to give them the best achievable foundation in life. In concert with the help of the compassionate enterprise, Emirates Red Crescent, the contributions accumulated to a grand total of 120 million A.E.D’s.

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  • Aspen Angel
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    More than just clothed there are new possibilities that can be looked into to ensure that children are well taken care of. We need more like is helping out with the sharing of information. We need more business leaders to rise to the occasion of helping to solve more pressing world problems else we stand to lose a lot more.