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Monthly Archives: February 2017

EOS: The Next Generation of Lip Balm

Up until very recently, the lip balm market was very boring and predictable. All of the lip balm brands had the same packaging, active ingredients, and flavors. However, that all changed several years ago when EOS lip balm introduced egg shaped products that came in a multitude of flavors and natural ingredients. They started appearing on […]

Hussain Sajwani wants children to be clothed across the world.

A distinguished real estate developer in Dubai, is Hussein Sajwani. He and cherished family are extremely good friends with Donald Trump, the current President of the United States of America. Mr. Trump is notorious for having opened up his corporation’s services to the affluent businessmen throughout Dubai. Trump’s wife Ivanka, is known to have stayed […]

Makari Is Leading In Natural Skin Whitening For People Of Color

Beauty comes in every color, and Makari knows that. The beauty industry has a history of neglecting the needs of women and men of color. Makari is changing that by offering an array of skin care products that meet the specific needs of pigmented skin. Though Makari products are safe and effective for all skin […]